This is a re-post, I am getting desperate because my work
        require me to connect to this share and my colleague can mount
        the share on Debian. I will have to move to install Debian if I
        wish to go on working... But I am already used to my BSD. It's
        too strange to move to another OS for such a tiny problem! Could
        what I mention below be a bug of FreeBSD mount_smbfs?

Using FreeBSD 6.1, I can mount a windows share but the Chinese
characters in folder and file names look junk text to me. Charset
conversion (-E parameter of mount_smbfs) do not work at all. If I do
ls(1) to a directory that has Chinese character in its name, the process
'ls' will take about 80% CPU resource and hang there forever. Ctrl+C
cannot stop it (kill -KILL can). If I run other command that read any
file in the directory that has Chinese character in its name, that
application hangs there taking about 80% CPU resource too.

This process is better illustrated with this screenshot:

In the screenshot, I do have mounted the share with -E parameter which
should convert GB18030 folder names to UTF-8 but 
actually no conversion is done (see the ls | iconv which shows what it
should be looking like if the conversion is done)

Actually I have never successfully done charset conversion with
mount_smbfs, what did I do wrong?

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