Lane wrote:
On Monday 04 December 2006 19:34, 张韡武 wrote:
        This is a re-post, I am getting desperate because my work
        require me to connect to this share and my colleague can mount
        the share on Debian. I will have to move to install Debian if I
        wish to go on working... But I am already used to my BSD. It's
        too strange to move to another OS for such a tiny problem! Could
        what I mention below be a bug of FreeBSD mount_smbfs?

Using FreeBSD 6.1, I can mount a windows share but the Chinese
characters in folder and file names look junk text to me. Charset
conversion (-E parameter of mount_smbfs) do not work at all. If I do
ls(1) to a directory that has Chinese character in its name, the process
'ls' will take about 80% CPU resource and hang there forever. Ctrl+C
cannot stop it (kill -KILL can). If I run other command that read any
file in the directory that has Chinese character in its name, that
application hangs there taking about 80% CPU resource too.

This process is better illustrated with this screenshot:

In the screenshot, I do have mounted the share with -E parameter which
should convert GB18030 folder names to UTF-8 but
actually no conversion is done (see the ls | iconv which shows what it
should be looking like if the conversion is done)

Actually I have never successfully done charset conversion with
mount_smbfs, what did I do wrong?


One thing comes to mind:  Try your question here:

and here:

and here:

and here:

Your question is specific to samba, and probably not related to FreeBSD-specific issues.

P.S. I note that the hosts in the links above are mostly "us1." That's probably something to do with the language specification on my system, but may be different for you. Check out for better links.

Your issue has to deal with locales and character sets. I think what you want to do is look into mount(8) and mount_smbfs(8), if you use fstab to specify mounts for the SMB share instead of smbmount.

A flag that sort of jumped out at me in mount_smbfs(8) was...

     -E cs1:cs2
             Specifies local (cs1) and server's (cs2) character sets.

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