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在 2006-12-04一的 21:54 -0800,Garrett Cooper写道:
Also, I'm not sure if FreeBSD has been configured to run the particular character set you need (nor am I sure where any documentation may be regarding how to set that up), but you also want to explore getting that solved in tandem with the mount_smbfs item.

I read carefully with mount_smbfs and as far as I can tell mount_smbfs
is using iconv lib which compiled as kernel module. After I run
mount_smbfs I checked and made sure libiconv.ko is automatically loaded.
According to documents, mount_smbfs automatically load this kernel

I don't know if this is at all useful, but I have come across the following patches, which appear to have been ported from Darwin, to improve handling of multibyte character sets:


It would be interesting to see these committed (if they are valuable), as I know there are issues with FreeBSD mount_smbfs when operating against the Mac OSX samba implementation, which (I am told) only speaks UCS2.

Given the work already gone into these, it would be nice to see them finished off and committed... I wonder how many other smbfs-related improvements may exist in Darwin that might be worth looking at?


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