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From: Jan Grant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>>I don't think it makes much sense, no. Zope is python-based and unless 
>>you're building products that rely on native libraries, what you 
>>describe doesn't sound like an accurate diagnosis. It's more likely 
>>(this is a stab in the dark) that you're running a script to regerate 
>>.pyc files; these are precompiled python bytecode files that are built 
>>from the corresponding .py files.
>I don't have my references in front of me, but I ran into an error when 
>I tried to runzope that I didn't understand, so I yahoo'd it and 
>discovered that my c libraries were corrupted. It was recommended I run 
>a certain command to clean them up. I ran that command and everything 
>went smoothly. I repeated this process a few times. So yes, I'm sure 
>that's what I did.

When you have a chance, it'd be nice to get a detailed error report
(including the command you were running to clean up the libraries).

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