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> On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 20:52, Roman Neuhauser wrote:
> > # [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-01-13 09:38:58 +1000:
> > > This sounds like a different issue - my suggestion was for how to avoid
> > > putting sendmail into the system when you build it.
> > 
> >     not really a different issue. the OP wanted to be able to [not]
> >     install Sendmail, Bind etc. during the initial system setup. that's
> >     impossible ATM.
> Correct. However, once you have built your system and carefully removed
> the bits you don't want, you are likely to be quite unhappy for an
> upgrade to go and put them back. If you have run your system for a
> couple of years, then an "install" is really just upgrading versions.
    here, the keywords are "carefully removed the bits".

> >  plus, replacing part of the base with a port might
> >     break your system.
> Making a typo in a configuration file, or deleting a library might break
> your system too. The original question was not about ensuring the
> integrity of a port. Breaking the system by leaving out part of the base
> is a concern though.

    i was not talking about the port being broken per se. a perfectly
    fine port used in place of a base system component can break a box
    if additional configuration steps are not taken.
> > > Admittedly, after a default install it's already there and you have to
> > > go and remove it, so yes, there should be an installer option for it.
> > 
> >     and yes, that's what the OP wanted.
> And I agree. It would be much easier not to install things in the first
> place.
> How much dependency is there still on these things within the base
> system? What would break if someone with no *NIX experience installed
> FreeBSD without Sendmail or BIND?

    Sendmail: no emails from periodic(8), possibly other breakage
    Bind: no harm at all as long as the resolver library is a separate
> > > If you need to start sendmail after DJB dnscache, you can disable it in
> > > /etc/rc.conf and start it from a local script, no?
> > 
> >     yes. that means you must do more than you said originally, and what
> >     you said originally is not "exactly what you want".
> Are you suggesting that you should be able modify the default install
> without modifiying the default configuration? That's a mighty fine
> sentiment, but I can't see it happening.

    I'm saying that one should not be forced to hack the system by hand
    after replacing a part of it with a port. As it is now, you cannot
    e. g. install DJB's dnscache, put in /etc/resolv.conf, and
    expect the base Sendmail would start without complaining.
> Now, if the OP had asked "How do I prevent Sendmail from complaining
> because it starts up before DJB dnscache?" then the whole scenario you
> brought up would be related. However, he didn't, so I stand by my
> assertion that this is a different issue, although you are correct that
> what I suggested is not exactly what he wants.

    ok. :)

    however, I understood the OP's problem as "how can I make FreeBSD
    use Postfix to provide the mail delivery function", not "how do I
    replace files that are part of the base Sendmail with Postfix".
> I have no intention of offending anyone, nor starting a flame war, so I
> will now cease participation in this thread as it is getting off-topic.

    nobody's flaming anybody, but ok.

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