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 > report_devices sends the output of pciconf -l | grep -v none (active devices)

Marc, I've wondered for a while why you're excluding 'none' devices, eg
on my Compaq Armada 1500c (recent 5.5-STABLE) 'pciconf -lv' includes

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:8:0: class=0x030000 card=0xb1010e11 chip=0x00c0102c rev=0x64 
    vendor   = 'Asiliant (Chips And Technologies)'
    device   = '69000 AGP/PCI Flat Panel/CRT VGA Accelerator'
    class    = display
    subclass = VGA

which is not exactly an inactive device here?

While at it, I'm finding the release stats rather confusing, mixing in
all of the various release versions of various *BSDs.  Having used
FreeBSD since 2.2, I have a fair idea which of those numbers are likely
not FreeBSD versions, and even an inkling of which OS some of the others
might be, but many mightn't know which were apples and which oranges. 

Perhaps they'd be more useful summarised by OS, or at least prefaced
with 'f' or 'o', 'n', 'd' or something else indicative?  Just an idea .. 

Cheers, Ian

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