Once upon a Tue, Dec 05 2006, Andrew Pantyukhin hit keys in the following order:
> The general idea is that kernel never permits
> *any* write access to directory files even if
> you have root privileges.

well, it happened... i was root atm, in a jail, but i'll try to recreate
the bug...

> Please check once again, what your problem
> might be. Try backing up  your disk with dd
> and running fsck, or run fsck on a snapshot.

too bad its on my live webserver... i can do all this and still get
nowhere, reading from your answer i hit something that is not possible.
so i won't be able to recreate it anyway.. my problem remains the same,
no argueing about it, my directories _did_ turn into files.

> And please use shorter lines.

sorry about that, i forgot to setup my textwith... 72 chars is okay

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