Ok, we're losin our minds here. Me and a friend just bought up no less
than 4 boxes (server, 2 laptops, and a net-device) in about 2 weeks on
stable 6.1.  My first foray into bsd since '95, and I'm way-pleased.
One little problem: every one of them loses it's connection (aka ip)
when the wifi goes out and comes back, forcing us to 'dhclient xx0'
incessantly.  Note we're talking a belkin ath, an ativa ath, a wavelan
wi and a linksys wi, not all the same card or even driver.

Someone on current said, 'it's probably a problem with the driver's
link-state handling' -  whatever.  Oh, yeah, we've got one set on a
dlink ap, and the other on a linksys.  Both are running wep for legacy
reasons, which I have a sinking feeling may be a contributing factor.



Steve Franks, KE7BTE
Staff Engineer
La Palma Devices, LLC
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