On 2006/12/06 0:36, Frank Bonnet seems to have typed:
> Hello
> I just receive a new IBM X3650 server bi-proc XEON and
> I wonder which version of FreeBSD to use with it I386 or AMD64 ?
> Of course it is a 64 bits machine
> infos, links welcome
> thanks

It depends on what you are going to do with it.  This question has been
asked many times on this e-mail list, so you might want to start by
searching the archives.

If you are running desktop applications on it (such as X11), you might
be better off running the i386 version as some ports don't support AMD64,
however, if you have more than 4GB of RAM and/or are running all ports
that support AMD64, you'd probably be better off running AMD64.  I'm
running AMD64 with Apache22, PHP5, MySQL40, Dovecot, Sendmail, SASL2,
Horde-IMP, and some other things and it works great (Opteron 246 x2,
4GB RAM, 3Ware raid card), but YMMV.
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