Erik Norgaard wrote:

Which live CD is recommended for recovery? What I'd like is to have as many disk analysis tools at hand just in case.

The case is that I am not recovering a FBSD system but Windows XP (*sigh*). After trying to help a friend clean her pc for virus it won't boot, even in safe mode... oooops.

I believe one of two things has happened: the anti virus placed a system file in the vault, or running windows update the "genuine windows disadvantage tool" disabled the system because it may have been pirate (don't know).

So, I need to recover data to some other machine, and then see if I can recover the system file without a full reinstall.

I would give Knoppix [ ] a try. You should be able to read-only mount the NTFS/FAT-32 partition and copy it to a safe place.

After that try booting from the Windows-CD and repair the installation (without reformatting first). If that won't help, you have to make a fresh install.


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