Hello Kent,

Monday, January 13, 2003, 14:00:29, you wrote:

> On Monday 13 January 2003 04:04 am, Metin de Dwaas wrote:
>> what i dont understand is..
>> that when i download from a machine on a 100Mbit connection i get
>> like 115kb/s at home.
>> but when i download from my own colocated machine i get like 3kb/s to
>> 0.20kb/ LOL hahaha.. ok.. BUT the strange part is... that i asked a
>> few friends of mine to download from that machine also... and they
>> get their full 115kb/s.. so i think..
>> 1. it isnt my connection because i can download with 115kb/s from
>> another 100mbit machine..
>> 2. it isnt the colo server because my friends CAN download with
>> 115kb/s..
>> what can possibly be the problem? anyone?
>> oh yes... i have already tried to reinstall proftpd (well ok i know
>> it sounds stupid... but hey.. i had to try something right? :-P)

> Check your DNS. This usually occurs when one machine doesn't have a DNS 
> entry for the other machine and they basically time out.

Well they do not time-out. They just download with a slow speed. The
remote server (which is my own) has a 100Mbit Full-Duplex connection.
And should give like 10Mbyte p/s download speed on an similar connection.
At home I have a 1Mbit connection. Which gives normally a download of
110kbyte p/s. And that's the speed I should have when I download from my
own co-located server @ 100MBit. But it gives only 5kbyte p/s.

If i would have used a dns that could not resolve the host of my
server, i couldn't even log in on ssh. So that's should not and
could not be the problem. :(

I'm out of idea's what i could be.

> Kent

>> gr,
>> Metin de Dwaas


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