On Wed, Dec 06, 2006 at 05:51:59PM +0000, Scott Mitchell wrote:
> Followed your instructions, put my linux-flashplugin and acroread plugin
> directories on Opera's plugin search path  and... wow! everything suddenly
> started working.

I was asked off-list how I set up the plugin search path to get this stuff
working.  Copying my reply here in case it's useful to anyone else:

First you'll need to have the www/linux-flashplugin7 and print/acroread7
ports installed - these obviously require the Linux emulation layer to be
installed (emulators/linux_base-fc4 port) and enabled (linux_enable="YES"
in /etc/rc.conf).

Then all I did in Opera was:
- Open the Tools -> Preferences dialog
- Switch to the "Advanced" tab then pick "Content" from the left-hand menu
- Make sure plugins are enabled
- Open the "Plug-in options" dialog
- Click on "Change path..." and add these two paths to the list:
  Those are the locations of the libflashplayer.so and nppdf.so plugin
  libraries - I expect the paths will be the same on your machine
- Click "OK" to get out of the plug-in path dialog
- Click "Find new" on the Plugins dialog - you should get the "Adobe Reader
  7.0" and "Shockwave Flash" plugins listed now.
- OK out of all the dialogs and try browsing some sites with Flash or PDF
  documents on them...

I did have both Flash and Acrobat already working with the Linux Firefox
port and partly working with native Firefox, so I wouldn't guarantee that
some of the stuff I have in /etc/libmap.conf (essentially whatever the
linuxpluginwrapper port told me to use) isn't important.  I also have a
Linux /proc filesystem mounted on /compat/linux/proc - that may or may not
be important for these plugins to run, but it shouldn't hurt to have it



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