I have and existing FreeBSD 5.4 box with 2 6GB hard drives in a RAID 1 mirror using gmirror. Due to physical space restrictions I cannot put more drives into this box and yet I need more physical drive space. I have 2 blank 40GB drives to replace my 2 current 6GB drives. I broke the mirror and inserted one 40GB drive into the mirror and removed the remaining 6GB drive. So, now I have a 40GB drive with only 6GB's of space on it and 34GB's of unused space. I have and existing mount point in the 6GB of space called /data. I would like to extend the slice and add the 34GB of unused space to the current /data mount point. Does someone even "extend" an UFS slice? Or do I create a new slice in the unused section and somehow merge the existing slice's /data with the new one? Or am I missing something rudimentary? Any direction would be appreciated.

Thank You.
Peter Clark

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