Think I answered my first question myself - messages we're sending are all text, only ~5 - 10kb, so we should not be bumping up against the limit.

Still interested in the second question though...

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Following up with two specific question:

1) Could the MinFreeBlocks=100 setting in be causing this problem? The /var slice is only 1.9 Gb here, with about half free.

2)  Is it possible to overcome this constraint by:

- setting up a new drive with identical slices, only expanding the /var slice, then;

- copying the files on the existing drive onto the new drive?

Will the FreeBSD & other applications work this way or must they all be installed freshly from scratch?


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--- Begin Message --- After poring over sendmail manuals, docs, readme's and Googling extensively have not found the answer to this question. What configuration settings regulate the outgoing e-mail volume?

Have recently upgraded from FreeBSD 4.3 to 6.1 (i.e., did new install of 6.1 on clean disk, installed current versions of applications and moved files - on same server as before, same processors/memory, etc.). Installed Sendmail 8.13 using standard & in /etc/mail.

Have a PostgreSQL database of 20k+ opt-in subscribers to a newsletter. When I invoke the sending routine, sendmail immediately spawns 20 - 30 processes (all I can see via "top"), quickly sends out 150 - 160 e-mails (via /var/spool/mqueue) then no more new processes are spawned and the system returns to a listening state. No error message in /var/log/messages, no clues in /var/log/maillog, nothing in the PostgreSQL logfile to indicate why the e-mails stopped sending.

FreeBSD's sysctl shows more than ample system resources (mbufs, files, etc). Netstat -m reveals no denied requests. Is there another FreeBSD mechanism at play? A sendmail configuration setting I can tweak to ensure all e-mails are sent? Any other ideas on a cause of this behavior?

Have x-posted to the comp.mail.sendmail group with no replies yet; sure would appreciate any help.


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