Hello. I know this question must have been asked on the list, I simply
don't know how to describe my problem with good English so that I can
start a google search.

We got a Windows file server in the next office, I have a FreeBSD host
in my office. I wish to let it listen on 135/139 port (I am not sure
which one is used for Windows file sharing), and forward any request to
the Windows file server as if this FreeBSD is accessing the windows
share itself. Also it forward the packet from Windows share server to
client. To the client, the FreeBSD host IS the windows share server.
However the Windows share server always think the FreeBSD host is the
client. So this is a proxy I guess.

Is it possible?

I ask this because I wish to access these files at home, but my home ISP
block access to the Windows share server for ISP competition reason.
Luckily I have a FreeBSD server in my office connected to both competing
ISP. I think I can configure this FreeBSD act as a "proxy" to access the
Windows share.

P.S. Complain to these governmental ISP won't work. This is in China.

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