In the last episode (Dec 08), Micah said:
> The gnome maintainers need me to rebuild libpthread and libc with
> debugging symbols in order to get a more complete stack trace of a
> firefox crash. How exactly do I go about doing that, since those libs
> are part of world? Do I have to rebuild world or can I just rebuild
> those libs? What mods to make.conf or environmental variables do I
> need to set?

I usually do this by setting DEBUG_FLAGS=-g in src/lib/blah/Makefile
and just doing the make depend && make && make install routine in that
one directory.  It's perfectly safe to do this if your source tree
matches your installed system.  Doing it with newer sources is trickier
since you may have to manually update includes or other dependant
libraries, and building the whole world is usually easier.

        Dan Nelson
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