On Friday 08 December 2006 20:18, Karl Sinn wrote:
> Hi,
> I am completely new here, and I did not find the answer to my problem. Not
> in the FreeBSD Handbook and not in the Installations instruction.
> I have SuSE 10.1 installed with Grub.
> I wanted to try FreeBSD, and I installed it on hdd (Linux-name) I think it
> is ad3 for FreeBSD.
> During the installation I chose "A" for automatic configuration and I
> said "none" for the boot-manager.
> Now I wonder what I have write in the grub configuration file menu.lst to
> finally start FreeBSD?
> I tried:
> title FreeBSD
>     kernel (hd0,1)/boot/loader root=/dev/hdd1

I'm using this:

title FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE
        root (hd1,0,a)
        kernel /boot/loader

title FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT
        root (hd0,2,a)
        kernel /boot/loader

to switch between -CURRENT and -STABLE. You need to specify the FreeBSD root 
partition, normally 'a'.

For more information about FreeBSD partitions and slices, see 

Pieter de Goeje

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