If our understanding to the current problem is correct (that FreeBSD
kernel iconv currently have problem with double-bit character-set), then
there should have never been FreeBSD users that can actually mount and
access a Windows Share that:
     I. is using GB2312 locale (that is, Windows Simplified Chinese
    II. have Chinese character in folder names

在 2006-12-05二的 17:36 +1100,Antony Mawer写道:
> On 5/12/2006 5:28 PM, 张韡武 wrote:
> > 在 2006-12-04一的 21:54 -0800,Garrett Cooper写道:
> >>    Also, I'm not sure if FreeBSD has been configured to run the particular 
> >> character set you need (nor am I sure where any documentation may be 
> >> regarding how to set that up), but you also want to explore getting that 
> >> solved in tandem with the mount_smbfs item.
> > 
> > I read carefully with mount_smbfs and as far as I can tell mount_smbfs
> > is using iconv lib which compiled as kernel module. After I run
> > mount_smbfs I checked and made sure libiconv.ko is automatically loaded.
> > According to documents, mount_smbfs automatically load this kernel
> ...
> I don't know if this is at all useful, but I have come across the 
> following patches, which appear to have been ported from Darwin, to 
> improve handling of multibyte character sets:
>      http://people.freebsd.org/~imura/kiconv/
> It would be interesting to see these committed (if they are valuable), 
> as I know there are issues with FreeBSD mount_smbfs when operating 
> against the Mac OSX samba implementation, which (I am told) only speaks 
> UCS2.
> Given the work already gone into these, it would be nice to see them 
> finished off and committed... I wonder how many other smbfs-related 
> improvements may exist in Darwin that might be worth looking at?
>      http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/10.4.8.x86/smb-217.18/
> Cheers
> Antony

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