Hello list!

it may be a stupid question, but i'm a little bit scared before gmake
upgrade. I'm not using portupgrade, everything is build from the ports tree,
so, when some package is old, and there is newer version in ports, then make
all && make deinstall && make install && make clean. It works pretty fine
for now. But what about gmake?
Will I be able to compile new gmake sources when I'll do `make deinstall in
/usr/ports/devel/gmake` first?

Few details:

pkg_version | grep "<"
gmake                               <

pkg_info | grep gmake
gmake-3.80_2        GNU version of 'make' utility

the latest version in my ports tree is make-3.81

The system is FreeBSD 6.1 Release with latest patches

it can be a problem like chmod -x /bin/chmod, but maybe You have an idea?

TIA, thanks also for Your great job and merry x-mas! :)

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