I have to apologize, as I've never had x11 start automatically for me anyplace. That said, you need to understand that the server/client relationship for X11 is backwards to what you might expect. The display, keyboard, and mouse are at the x-server side, and the machine you connect to is the X-client.

On the xserver, if you want it to happen automatically, you would put startx in your .login file. So if you wanted that flag passed, you would place startx -listen_tcp in your .login file.

On the client side, you're running an x-client, I presume that gets started from /etc/rc.conf. There's probably something like xorg_enable="YES", and xorg_flags="blah", and you would put it in your xorg_flags statement.

dick hoogendijk wrote:
On Sat, 2006-12-09 at 21:54, Derek Ragona wrote:
By default in FreeBSD X doesn't listen for TCP requests.  To change this do:
startx -listen_tcp

Thank you. But can this be made "permanent" somewhere?
I guess the tcp port (6000?) should be made inaccessible to the outside

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