I have been trying to get my Canon Pixma iP5000 to print on FreeBSD.I used 
Apsfilter cause apparently its more user friendly then CUPS. I when through all 
the settings and set everything up probably (i hope) as when i did a test print 
it printed, but it came out as an A5 size (is that normal?) on the A4. It had 
everything it should have on the test print so i did the I command, gave it the 
name lp and then Q command and read what came after.I did the:lpc restart 
alland came out with this:lp:        no daemon to abort        printing enabled 
       daemon restartedif i do it again it would come the same as above.I then 
do lpr command:lpr linux.txtand does nothing.Any help is thanked in advanced 
(I've been trying to do this for a long time)also with your help, i can get one 
step futher away from windows :DPink and Blue 
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