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> Hello. I would wish to have a tool that would do this kind of thing:
>      1. listen on imap port on localhost, connect to localhost with my
>         email client;
>      2. forward the traffic from/to/between real imap server;
>      3. meanwhile, print everything being transfer-ed, so that I can
>         have a good ovewview of server-client conversation;
> I don't know what such kind of tool is usually called and thus difficult
> to do an effective google search. I tried a few tools in ports/net but
> none of them seems to be working in this way... (admit that I didn't
> look into pkg-descr of every package)

This may or may not help you, depending on what part of the IMAP
conversation you're trying to debug, but programs like KMail and
Sylpheed have excellent protocol debugging features built right in.
There's basically a log window where you can watch the entire
conversation occur.

This doesn't help if you're trying to debug IMAP client problems,

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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