dick hoogendijk wrote:
On 09 Dec Tony Shadwick wrote:
On the xserver, if you want it to happen automatically, you would put
startx in your .login file.  So if you wanted that flag passed, you
would place startx -listen_tcp in your .login file.

On the client side, you're running an x-client, I presume that gets
started from /etc/rc.conf.  There's probably something like
xorg_enable="YES", and xorg_flags="blah", and you would put it in your
xorg_flags statement.

Xserver/Xclient side is still a bit confusing to me.
What happens is, when I logon to a solaris machine I get a login screen
on which I also can logon to remote machines graphicaly. I can even chose
from a list there, because these remote machines broadcast themselves?
All solaris machines are seen; my FreeBSD machines are not. The latter I
want changed, so I can chose to logon to a FreeBSD (remote) machine from
my solaris desktop machine. Hope this will clear things up a bit.

As another user pointed out; what you're looking for is xdm. xdm is xorg's remote login screen, for lack of a better description; it's what will allow you to directly login to X from other stations, rather than via shell/startx. You might want to take a look at alternatives too - I use kdm, which is KDE's implementation of xdm, allowing you a little easier and a little more control over the login screen/appearence via KDE''s graphical configuration setup, but functionally the same as xdm.

Nathan Vidican
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