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lveax wrote:
> On 11/6/06, David Kelly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 06:48:28AM -0500, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
>> > Thanks everyone for the replay to my post as it did finally occur to
>> > me that perhaps this question had been asked on the mailing list, but
>> > unfortunately it occurred to me after I sent it.
>> >
>> > So, basically the Apple team took FreeBSD and the CM micro-kernel,
>> > combined them, made some improvements and added some additional code
>> > and then used it all as the MAC OS X core (without the GUI of course)?
>> Yes, basically. FreeBSD is free for the taking, so Apple took. Steve
>> Jobs' NeXT team had a lot of familiarity with Mach, so they took from
>> there also too. A good number of well known FreeBSD people now work for
>> Apple, there are a number of FreeBSD device drivers shipping with MacOS
>> X. On a lark I put an Intel Etherexpress Pro 10/100B in my G4 Mac and
>> everything simply magically worked. No driver install, nothing.
> who are the people that works in apple and also a freebsd developer now?

There are quite a few, actually, that work for Apple and work on the
FreeBSD project, and vice versa. The other day I was doing some random
websurfing and came across an individual who did a significant amount of
work porting over applications to Darwin for the Apple folks. This is
just one of many devs who works for apple now and contributes back to
the open-source community (note his accomplishments):
- -Garrett
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