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> > Is there an easy way to force the device to work as something like:
> > 
> > /dev/da1s1d
> > 
> > on all of the servers, including ones that do not already have a
> > SCSI disk subsystem and existing /dev/da0 devices?
> I think, in FreeBSD SCSI device stuff, you can force it to be
> something, but I have never done it and don't know how - and since
> it doesn't matter, don't see the reason to try.

A imho better solution is to load the geom_label class.
Then either give the device itself a label:
        da3s1d -> label/usbstick42s1d
or set the UFS Label field of the filesystems via 'tunefs -L',
this will give you for example
        da5s1a -> ufs/ustick5data
        da5s1d -> ufs/ustick5keys

or whatever you set the label to, obviously. If geom_label is loaded,
you have unique device names on all servers (if you don't mix things
up when you label them).


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