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Eric Kjeldergaard wrote:
> If you are open to suggestions on other  phone systems, I have been very
> much enjoying my gizmo account.  (gizmoproject.com)  I generally use
> ekiga
> to connect to it, but the benefit of gizmo is that it uses the
> standard SIP
> protocol for accessing the service.  Further, the rates are quite
> good.  For
> free it gives services like incoming phone calls, voice mail, and free
> SIP<->SIP calls.  For a $.01/minute (for US numbers) fee it gives
> outgoing
> to-landline calls.  Don't mean to sound like an advertisement, I just
> love
> open standards being used.
> Eric Kjeldergaard
Yes, but the gizmoproject is particularly onerous.  Look at the EULA:


Michael Robertson is the head of that project, IIRC.  Fairly nasty EULA
for using such "open" terms.  Can't even redistribute the software.


As a bit of clarification, I'd like to note that I make no endorsement of
the gizmo _software_ which this EULA regards.  It is instead that the
service with its SIP standard implementation that I enjoy.  I was initially
a bit upset that their software was not open source, but as the major
alternative (skype) is both closed protocal and closed source, I choose the
lesser of two weevils.

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