Ne'Bahn írta:
Hi list, how can I add some fonts to the system, for instance: Arial, Courier New, and so others. I know there are some fonts that cost to acquire them, but isn't an implementation of these fonts for
the open source arena ???
Please read the documentation for xorg.conf. I'm using several TTF fonts from my Windows system. All you need is to create a new directory, place your fonts there and add the new font path in xorg.conf. Be aware, some font files are not in ttf. AFAIK the Xorg server cannot use ".fon" files.

PS: I've some docs made in a Windows environment that use fonts I don't have on FreeBSD, the replacement is very bad, so OpenOffice offers system fonts
rather than their fonts (if it has a set), a problem for
portability/compatibility but indeed better for availability.
For some reason, I also cannot read some documents because of font problems despite that I have those fonts installed. I used to do "select all" and the change the font to something else; that will make all text readable.



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