From: "stan"
> Subject: Software inventory management
> :
> : Sudenly there is an improved desire to keep up to date on the latest
> : security fixes at work. I've got about 50 machines that I manage. OpenBSD,
> : FreeBSD, Linux, Solairs, and HP-UX.
> :
> : I am looking for recomendations for a (hopefully automed), prefereably
> : web based tool to keep up with what versions of OS, OS patches, and ports
> : are installed on these machines.
> :
> : Could anyone with experience using such a tool share their experience,
> : both good and bad for such [ackages?
> :
You might also want to look at RANCID, which is mainly aimed at routers,
but since it works by comparing a text file with the previous day's text
file, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting it to do servers too,
assuming you can get something to do the actual reporting (could be as
simple as a concatenation of pkg_info, dmidecode, pciconf -l, uname -a
and a few others).

Best Regards,

(maybe will try this myself now...)
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