Peter A. Giessel wrote:

On 2006/12/12 6:05, probsd org seems to have typed:

 dump -L -0f - / | ssh -C [EMAIL PROTECTED] "cat > /usr/home/login/root.dump

The handbook also suggests something to the effect of:
/sbin/dump -0uaL -f - / | gzip -2 | ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] dd

If you want to offload the gzip to the other server (if it's faster, for example) then

/sbin/dump -0uaL -f - / | ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] "gzip -9 > 

would also fly.  Obviously gzip compression can be tweaked as you see fit, but 
personally I've never found any reason to use anything but 9 :-)

I did tests with the subtly different cat and dd methods of naming the remote 
file and found no discernible timing difference.

I find it handy to encode the dump level (e.g. .0 .1) in the remote name.


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