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Well, the usual method would be to submit a patch to enable that card to
work. Generally hardware support is added by users of the hardware.

I have no programming skills, and am just learning FreeBSD as an alternative to other evils.

I tried to email this list before, buy my email never showed up for some reason.

I have just purchased a Videologic SonicXplosion, which is a rebadged Terratec SixPack. It uses the CS4630 chipset, which doesn't appear to be supported, or mentioned in the documentation.

The csa bridge driver allows the generic audio drivers including pcm(4)
to attach to the following PCI sound cards:
o Crystal Semiconductor CS461x/462x Audio Accelerator
o Crystal Semiconductor CS428x Audio Controller
Some onboard CS4610 chips accompany with not CS4297 AC97 codec but CS423x
ISA codec. Such the configuration is not supported by csa yet.

Quinn Ellis

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