At 07:49 PM 12/12/2006, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
The reason that questions doesen't require a subscription ought to be obvious to anyone with any experience with FreeBSD. [EMAIL PROTECTED] is used as the default contact e-mail address for most non-financial FreeBSD dealings, such as on CD cases,

NOPE. Disagree Completely. You are way out of touch. Those people don't comprehend a "mailing list". They do "web pages" and "web forums" and other clumsy devices. Put it on if you want it easily accessible to such people.

They DON'T think they are dealing with a bunch of hayseeds sitting on their computers wanking at each other.

I have some gripe with the list and its membership, but have never accused it of being a circle-jerk.

Until then STFU you ungrateful bastards.  All you once were dumb newbies

Shut Up.  Those guys are in the windoze or linux 'fest.


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