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> Those people 
> don't comprehend a "mailing list".  They do "web pages" and "web 
> forums" and other clumsy devices.  Put it on www.freebsd.org if you 
> want it easily accessible to such people. 

"Those people", are probably future FreeBSD user's, and sysadmins.  You
don't know their age, or anything about them.  They could be in college,
or high school for all you know.  They could be in their 30's in the
middle of a career change.  They may just not know any better.  It would
be wise to try to guide "those people", as they too count when it comes
to supporting FreeBSD and the community that surrounds it.  I think the
point is that we are not all born sophisticated user's of FreeBSD.  

Exactly what would you put on the homepage?  A big banner stating that
all newbies and clueless people in general should...?  A message board,
since that's what "such people" are used to?

That's my .02 as someone who's been there, done that in probably the
most clumsy way possible. :-)


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