On 2006/12/13 8:31, Chad Gross seems to have typed:
> If this is the case than why not include a "Doesn't Work" list as well? That
> would stop the guessing on whether it doesn't work or hasn't been tested. If
> hardware doesn't appear on the "It Works" nor the "Doesn't Work" lists, than
> one can assume that it hasn't been tested.
> This could save a lot of headaches (and $$$).

Because it relies on user input.  Someone may have tried it and just
gave up instead of filing a PR.  Read the list, there are a lot that
say things like "Stops booting while accessing the SATA drives. Problems
with on-board ethernet." or "Random freezes with onboard SATA
controller, SATA-RAID not recognized. Onboard ethernet not recognized.
AGP not recognized."

That sounds like a "doesn't work" to me, however if the user just gives
up, nothing is going to be reported.

P.S. cross-posting two lists is bad form.
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