For a while now the file monitor program fam has been replaced 
by gamin. When using KDE it seems to have the following issues:

- when opening a directory with konqueror/kuickshow/some other KDE
  program, where removable media(USB stick, CDROM) is mounted, 
  KDE/gamin seems to keep the directory occupied, causing problems 
  when trying to unmount the removable media. When using fam instead of
  gamin, there's no problem unmounting the device.

- sometimes I still can't unmount the media even if all KDE windows (and 
  other programs) are closed. I think some instance of gamin or KDE 
  keeps running although all windows have been closed. This also 
  indicates sometimes not all processes are terminated well.

Now I'm using fam instead of gamin again. I think it should be nice if
this would become standard or the gamin issue wil be resolved, because
it's quite annoying not being able to unmount removable media all the
time. Did someone else experience the same behaviour?

Strange thing is that when I try to find processes keeping the mounted
device occupied, nothing can be found, with fstat nor with lsof. This 
could be because gamin's only polling a short time in a period.

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