On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 07:00:20PM -0500, Ne'Bahn wrote:
> Hi list, I've read the handbook for ports, basically (if I understand)
> ports are files that brings information (location, dependencies) to
> the
> system to compile a series of files (sources) to have the final piece
> of
> software. Very nice with the advantages that comes with this type of
> installation, but, what about a big applications like Gnome,
> OpenOffice and
> so on. I can't try ports because I can't have a fast/long connection
> for
> downloads (due to some restrictions on my country) so I always install
> via
> packages, and it takes a while, well a little bit.

You can do "make fetch" to fetch the required package distfiles first,
"make fetch-recursive" to fetch all the required distfiles of all
packages required by this package. see "man ports" for other targets.


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