Fron a previous post I found I cannot solve my
problem via port bonding since I am stuck with a 
switch that does not support Port bonding or trunking,
I would like to then try to setup various interfaces
with various IP's to help balance the traffic.

 Basicly as normal, assign say:
 ifconfig em0 netmask 
(switch port1)
 ifconfig em1 netmask port2)
 ifconfig em2 netmask
(switch port3)

 However if I do this, I get arp complaints because of
being on the same network. Now I can stop the arp
complaints via setting the below in sysctl.conf

 But, the problem I really have if that all the
outbound traffic, goes back out the first port to the
default gateway. I have tried everything I could think
of, but I cannot figure out how to make sure that
traffic that comes in via a particular port, will go
back out that port.

 I am running a load balancing program on this
machine. Each IP address would then correspond to an
aggrigate of servers that would send traffic back to
the machine in response to a request passed to it. 

 However all the responses to the clients, regardless
of which IP they came in on, are being sent back via
the first port instead of the port/ip they came in on.

 Any assitance on how to bind an ip and gateway to a
port much appreciatted!

 Sorry if my explanantion sucks. Feel free to ask for
more info.


 They really push this program for running on linux.
They offer it for FreeBSD but don't support it as
much.  I would really like to solve this. Otherwise
all of our BSD servers will show up as linux servers
if they have to be behind a linux based server.


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