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On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 01:08:11 -0800
Christopher Cowart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On 14:57 Thu 14 Dec     , Tek Bahadur Limbu wrote:
> > Dear All,
> > 
> > I am very new to Bind and FreeBSD.
> > 
> > I have just configured a Local DNS server using the built-in Bind
> > 9.3.1 on a FreeBSD 5.4 machine.
> > 
> > My problem is that the machine can cache queries on the localhost
> > and loop back ( interface only.
> > 
> > I have a public static IP on this machine too and I can't seem to
> > query the caching name server from my local network.
> > 
> > In Linux, this is no problem. I just can't seem to get Bind to work
> > as in my local network. It works only on the loopback interface.
> The default /etc/namedb/named.conf configuration file for BIND says:
> | // If named is being used only as a local resolver, this is a safe
> | default. // For named to be accessible to the network, comment this
> | option, specify // the proper IP address, or delete this option.
> |     listen-on   {; };
> It looks like if you comment out that option, it will listen on * by
> default. You could also add the other IP address on which you want
> named to listen.
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> Chris Cowart
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> RSSP-IT, UC Berkeley
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Dear Chris,

Thank you for your help. I did comment and added my public static IP
like the following:

 listen-on       { 202.x.x.x; }; # My Static IP

Now when I do from my local PC:

dig yahoo.com @202.x.x.x , I can do DNS lookups.

But when I try doing that from another computer on my network, I can't
do any DNS lookups.

Is that anything that I miss?

- -- 

With best regards and good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Tek Bahadur Limbu

(TAG/TDG Group)
Jwl Systems Department

Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Jawalakhel, Nepal
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