> After it sees my CD-RW (acd0) it should then recognize my DVD drive. I
> don't know why it doesn't show, as the BIOS sees it, and that DVD-ROM
> drives are supported in FreeBSD 4.7.
> I did some playing around with drive configs and found out some
> interesting things. I first unplugged the CD-RW and set the DVD-ROM as
> master, and FreeBSD recognized it. Then I set my DVD-ROM as master, and
> added my CD-RW as slave, and FreeBSD recognized both drives. Then I
> decided to config back my drives the way I wanted them (CD-RW master,
> DVD-ROM slave), and test them in another OS. Oddly enough, Linux
> recognized both drives, but when I booted into FreeBSD only the CD-RW
> was recognized. I also tried a different cable and I still have the same
> problem.

If I were you, I'd just leave it whatever way works. What difference does
it make which is slave and which is master as long as they both work.


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