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> I've got an issue with getting FreeBSD to recognize past 
> four gigs of ram. The server we have has 12 gig. I am able 
> to successfully recompile the kernel and get the four 
> CPU's to show up that are installed in the server.
> I've taken and attempted to compile the PAE kernel file 
> and every time the server attempts to boot to the default 
> option on the standard boot menu, the server reboots 
> itself. This is a continuous cycle.

One of the required drivers probably doesn't work right with PAE.
I don't know how well PAE is supported anymore, now that amd64
is stable.

> Can anyone direct me to what I need to do for having the 
> server recognize all 12 gig? I've seen threads on using 
> the ia64 install, however the install notes state it is 
> for the Itanium and Itanium 2 CPU's. Attempting to boot 
> from the first ISO CD doesn't do anything.

You want the amd64 version.

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