Frank Staals wrote:
I am running a nfs-client and nfs-server here for quite some time and I'm very happy about it. The client is my laptop ( running 6.1-RELEASE ) and the server a 6.0-STABLE machine. I have enabled nfs_client with nfs_client_enable="YES" on my FreeBSD laptop as stated in the handbook: allthough when I'm not at home I notice FreeBSD halting during boot after "NFS access cache time=2" , when I hit ctrl+c it continues fine. Since I always mount my NFS dirs manually I started wondering about how usefull the entry in /etc/rc.conf was. So I quoted out nfs_client_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf and I still could mount my nfs dirs perfectly

So my question was: Is the entry in rc.conf only needed when mounting a nfs dir at boot ? or is it not needed at all ( since my test proved it isn't needed when you mount the dirs manually after boot )

Referenced from man rc.conf ...

nfs_client_enable - If set to YES run the NFS client daemons at boot time. You would need this option enabled to connect to a NFS server on boot, otherwise it is not needed.
.. now I have yet to figure out why my ndis NIC won't work when disableing nfs_client :S ....


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