Many thanks to your quick response. Everything is in working order. The install and kernel rebuild for SMP took all of about 20 minutes with rebooting.

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I've got an issue with getting FreeBSD to recognize past four gigs of ram. The server we have has 12 gig. I am able to successfully recompile the kernel and get the four CPU's to show up that are installed in the server.

I've taken and attempted to compile the PAE kernel file and every time the server attempts to boot to the default option on the standard boot menu, the server reboots itself. This is a continuous cycle.

One of the required drivers probably doesn't work right with PAE. I don't know how well PAE is supported anymore, now that amd64
is stable.

Can anyone direct me to what I need to do for having the server recognize all 12 gig? I've seen threads on using the ia64 install, however the install notes state it is for the Itanium and Itanium 2 CPU's. Attempting to boot from the first ISO CD doesn't do anything.

You want the amd64 version.

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