On Thursday 14 December 2006 08:38, Peter Grigor wrote:
> I've just gotten some quotes on a few dell machines and I was
> wondering now if freebsd 6.x is able to run on them properly.
> Perc/5i cards and 64-bit Intel chips are my worries :)
> Anyone have any experiences they'd like to share? Anyone
> successfully running mysql on an IA64 architecture with Freebsd?
> Thanks for any feedback,
> Peter
> <^_^>

I've been using a 1950 with FBSD 6.1-R AMD64 for some time now.  If 
you have the broadcom NICs you'll have to grab the drivers 
from -STABLE or 6.2-RC1 and recompile the kernel.  I haven't had the 
shutdown issues that other people have mentioned, but you can get 
them with IPMI and reboot from there if it's an issue.

Lack of in OS tools for the RAID controller is an issue, but it's my 
understanding that that's being worked on.

mysql seems to run just fine, but this is primarily a fall-over box 
for me and hasn't really seen 'real' loads yet.


Josh Paetzel
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