6.0.2 Legato client that used(?) to be in the ports works fine for me
on a 6.1 box, while 5.5.2 works fine on my 4.9 box. I'm quite certain
we are using current 7.x Legato server. As far as security is
concerned, local users are not a problem, while firewall takes care of
remote problems. Of course, rsyncing to a Linux box is also a good

Or simply get rid of crappy software manufacturer which is not
supporting FreeBSD.


On 12/15/06, D G Teed <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
The legato client in ports has been dropped for lack of
maintenance and security issue of the default config.
You can get a 6.0 compatible client by back dating ports.
Current 7.x versions of the legato server will not work with this
old FreeBSD client version, so it may be a dead end.
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