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Greetings to all,
I'm running a dell 1501 laptop with amd64x2 processor.
I got a disk from a guru specifically for this architecture, booted it, and
installed 6.1 via FTP.

Yesterday I ran cvsup successfully.
Today I did "make buildworld" successfully.

Now, I have a little paranoia about "buildkernel".

Please tell me, did I need to specify anything specifically about the amd64
architecture when running cvsup?  Did I possibly get a GENERIC kernel file
through cvsup that is not compatible with amd?


Sorry for the horrible formatting, but for reasons beyond my control, I only
have access to Microsoft Outlook right now.  It appears no one has answered
you yet, so, to alleviate your fears, yes, unless you've changed the kernel
in any way (and it sounds like you haven't), a simple make buildkernel and
make installkernel should work just fine.  Reboot afterwards, and you should
be running the new kernel.  The only reason you would *need* to make a
change would be if you're running dual processors or you need to customize
the kernel for performance reasons.  Otherwise the GENERIC kernel will

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