This is the solution to get a Palm TX work with FBSD-6.X

load the kernel modules 'uvisor.ko', 'ucom.ko', e.g. like this:
(if not already done at boot time)
kldload uvisor
kldload ucom

In order to set up the devfs rules manually do something like this:

devfs ruleset 10
devfs rule add path cuaU* unhide mode 666

(note that 666 is fine for me, this may not suit your
 possibly more restricted environment)

For a permanent setup this can be done via /etc/devfs.rules:
add path 'cuaU*' unhide mode 666

plus this has to be mentioned in /etc/rc.conf:

It comes in handy to have a symlink where jpilot is searching
the handheld.

ln -s /dev/cuaU0 pilot

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