Hi all,

I noticed that x11/linux-XFree86-libs has been replaced by 
x11/linux-xorg-libs. I can deinstall and reinstall the linux-xorg-libs but 
how do I remove the installed port linux-XFree86-libs ? Portmaster aborts 
updating my ports with the following error and I can't go into the original 
linux-XFree86-libs portsdirectory cause it doesn't exist any more...
So, how do I remove this XFree86 thing (which was normally installed also from 
ports) ?

===>>> Checking installed port: libwpd-0.8.7
===>>> Checking installed port: libxine-1.1.3
===>>> Checking installed port: libxml2-2.6.26
===>>> Checking installed port: libxslt-1.1.17
===>>> Checking installed port: linc-1.0.3_6
===>>> Checking installed port: linux-XFree86-libs-

===>>> The x11/linux-XFree86-libs port has been deleted: Has expired: 
superseeded by linux-xorg-libs port
===>>> Aborting update

www# whereis linux-XFree86-libs

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