On Sunday 17 December 2006 00:40, Bill-Schoolcraft wrote:
> Good work Jonathan,
> As usual with fellow FreeBSD users, any information about how you got
> past your problem is stuff Unix folks like me love to hear.  I actually
> save success stories like yours to help me out with wireless issues.
> I can only speak for myself but I'd love to hear how ya did it.

thanks!  i was quite proud of my efforts myself!  its a pretty good feeling to 
complete a project in an area where i have  little expertise (especially when 
(good) internet docs are few and far between).  after all the docs i read, 
and bad advice i followed, bad decisions i made, it all boiled down to a 
pretty simple recipe:

1) install net/iwi-firmware

2) add this to loader.conf:
# Wireless Network - Intel 2200BG

3) add this to rc.conf:
ifconfig_iwi0="DHCP WPA"

4) create and populate /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf:

reboot, rinse, enjoy!

one big mistake i made, was building world up to 6.2-RC1.  there was one good 
article about installing freebsd on an ibm t42 (found it on google), but it 
didnt have any info on getting wireless to auto start.  after i had wireless 
manually up and running initially, i then built world, and updated.  next 
boot, firmware and modules would not load.  i had tweaked some other things, 
so i backed those changes off, and worked round and round until i decided to 
just do a quick reinstall.  this time, i didnt use 6.1-RELEASE, but i did 
6.2-RC1.  same behavior, and this is when i figured out that the only time it 
really worked like the web page depicted, was when i was on 6.1-RELEASE.  so 
i tried cvsuping to -p11, and things still worked fine.  this is the only 
laptop i have (thus, my only wireless computer), so when 6.2 comes out, ill 
be pretty nervous about upgrading until i read that everything i kosher with 
iwi- support.

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