I'm having a problem with Firefox 2 and opening pdf files with kpdf. 

When clicking on a pdf doc in firefox, the window to "Open with" or "Save" 
pops up. But when I want to select Open with..., there is no way to select 
kpdf because i can't get into the proper directory (/usr/local/bin/kpdf) : it 
is not visible so i can't get in it. All i can do is save the file, start up 
kpdf manually and open the file.

And in firefox, Edit -> Preferences -> Content
Click the Manage button below where it says "Configure how Firefox handles 
certain types of files." But the window is completely empty and there is no 
way to change or insert something.

So how do i get firefox to find kpdf and open directly a pdf-file in firefox ?

Thanks for any help,

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