On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 08:28, MArek wrote:
> Hello ,
> I've got a little question.
> I'm quite new to FreeBSD, recently I was trying to up date my sources
> using CVSup - I read chapter about CVSup in FreeBSD Handbook but I
> still have got a little problem:
> If I specify in a tag field value RELENG_4 (tag=RELENG_4) does it mean
> that I will receive the latests sources of  FreeBSD-STABLE (FreeBSD 4.7
> Stable??) I' like to have FreeBSD 4.7, but official (as I said I'm the
> beginner).
>     THANKS for eventually help ;]

If you want the official FreeBSD 4.7 release (plus patches) - you should
specify a tag field value of RELENG_4_7.

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