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> Subject: var out of space
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> Hello,
> I inherited a freebsd installation with a var slice/mount that is to  
> small and filling up all the time.
> What type of info should I provide to allow someone to help me with a  
> solution?
> I would very much prefer to not install another drive just for /var.
> /usr has plenty of space. Can I mount var off of /usr?

Here is a slightly simpler solution than what Anders proposed that 
may work for you.

Find out which sub-directories of /var are the disk space consumers:

du -d1 /var | sort -rn | head

That will list the top ten.  This method assumes you have only one
or two large directories, and that moving them would yield
a substantial reduction in /var disk space usage.

Let's assume that /var/log and /var/db are the top two directories.

Shutdown to single-user mode.  Stop any daemons like syslog, sendmail,
etc. that might write to /var/log or /var/db, since you will be working
with those two directories.

cd into /var and move the log sub-directory onto the /usr mount point,
and then create a symlink to make /var/log redirect to the new location
on /usr:

cd /var
mv log /usr/var-log
ln -s /usr/var-log log

Repeat for /var/db:

mv db /usr/var-db
ln -s /usr/var-db db


This procedure eliminates the need to mess with your disklabel or your 

BTW, it looks like your / partition is a bit crowded, also. :)


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